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Welcome to the Danish Archipelago

Welcome to the Archipelago

The South Funen Archipelago consists of 55 islands and islets, and the area stretching from Helnæs Bay in the west of the archipelago Funen Alps and Egebjerg Hills to the area around Svendborg and across the water to Ærø, Taasinge and Langeland. It is an area that is characterized by shallow water, salt marshes, hat hills, creeks and bays and a rich wildlife.

The Archipelago is a unique natural area; a lighthouse for both Funen and Islands in the inner Baltic Sea. In the period 2016-2018 will be working to develop more active coastal holiday experiences in a joint Danish-German tourism project. In this project, the inner Baltic Sea and thus the Archipelago be called NATURA area.

The local tourist information centres can also provide further help:



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Whether the sun shines or the rain falls; The South Fyn Archipelago has itself always with a wealth of experiences. On land and at sea, the hills and towns, small and large islands, even below sea level. Here you will find everything you need, whether you want to be active in nature, sunbathe on a beach, jumping in puddles of rain and drizzle, eat delicious local produce in the sun and the December darkness. Here brands you nature’s pulse and whisper – and here you have a playground, just waiting for your imagination to unfold.

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And find more inspiration in the Archipelago Map – get it for free at the local touristinformation centres or see it here


The hilly landscape of The South Funen Archipelago is ideal for mountain biking. It offers both many challenges and many wonderful places to put the wheels in the track. Many special mountain bike trails have been created and there is something for every skill level. Remember safety and courtesy, care of each other and stay on the official tracks and forest roads with public access. See the leaflet; Mountainbiking in Southern Funen and on the islands

Valdemars Slot, Dådyr-sporet – Valdemarsslot.dk
Svendborg Mountainbike-spor - Svendborg.dk
6,3 km. MTB, Svanninge Bakker - udinaturen.dk
4,7 km. MTB, Svanninge Bakker - VisitFaaborg.dk


The South Funen Archipelago has a lot of options for visitors on two wheels. Whether you’re into racing bikes, electric bikes, long cycle tours or just want to use your bike to get out and enjoy the landscape, the quaint little villages, or do some island hopping, the area is a gem. Here you will meet the Baltic Sea route, N8.

Find Bike Friends on your way around the South Fyn Archipelago: Visitsvendborg.dk Visitfaaborg.dk Langeland.dk Ærø.dk  Try one of our toursuggestions for the Archipelago:
17 Cycle Routes around The Sounth Fyn Archipelago //
Bikemap Langeland
 (Danish) // Bikemap Faaborg (Danish) //
Bikemap Ærø


Hiking & walking

The South Funen Archipelago is one of Denmark’s most versatile, unique and beautiful hiking destinations, whether you want to hike for several days, walk with or without camping equipment, or just spice up your weekend or holiday with a good ramble. Enjoythe Archipelago Trail, a 220 km trail established in 2006. There are also plenty of good walks and rambles on the small islands, which can easily be combined with island hopping and overnight stays. Part of the Archipelago Trail also joins up with the European hiking route network in the form of the European Long Distance Path E6.

More info: Visitfyn.com/archipelagotrail

Buy the guidebook: The Archipelago Trail 


The whole of Funen and the South Funen Archipelago in particular is known for its sustained efforts to safeguard conditions for sea trout and sea trout fishing. This means you’ll find some of the best sea trout fishing conditions here, as well as some of the most versatile fishing opportunities all year round. There are plenty of other fish in the area’s waters.

There’s both shallow and deep water, as well as still and moving water, and thus options for all types of fishing. You can fish from the beach or from a boat, but please remember your fishing licence and the code of conduct for sustainable fishing, which among other things affects the size of fish you’re allowed to catch.

Find fiskespots - Seatrout.dk

Sea kayak

In addition to being one of Denmark’s most spectacular natural areas, the archipelago’s new sea kayak-friendly facilities and wide range of courses and tours have made it a unique sea kayaking destination.

Here you’ll find beautiful sea kayak routes developed by and for sea kayakers. The routes are published in book and map formats. And remember, if you set out early in the morning, you may be lucky enough to be joined by a porpoise or two.

For the best kayaking experience, check out the tips for safety and consideration for the area, as some of the routes take you through otherwise protected natural areas.

New version of the sea kayak guide is available in Danish, German and English. It costs DKK 250 and is available from bookshops, the local tourist agencies in Faaborg, Rudkøbing, Svendborg and Ærøskøbing, as well as online – see link below.

Havkajak. Guide til Det Sydfynske Øhav
Sea Kayak. Guide to the South Fyn Archipelago
Seekajak. Führer für das Südfünische Inselmeer


The South Funen Archipelago is visited by many kitesurfers and windsurfers. The shallow water along the coasts and good wind conditions make the area good for beginners, and more experienced surfers can easily find challenges a little further out in the Archipelago. However, it’s important to find out about protected areas, breeding birds and private property rights before you start surfing.

A lot of persistent disruption can prevent birds from finding food and raising their chicks. This affects the bird population. See the Archipelago Map for specific information for surfers and kitesurfers; The South Fyn Archipelago – wildlife reserve


The South Fyn Archipelago can offer challenging, varied, all-round wreck- and scenic- dives for everyone – and for all levels of experience. We have found and mapped all the coolest dive sites in the whole Archipelago – these are the ones we want to share with you on this site.

Here you will find maps, information about the dive sites, safety, boat hire and everything else you might need. This project is part of Diving Denmark – an organization that is currently under development. Regarding map info – we have chosen to use the map WGS84 which is currently available and gives co-ordinates in decimal format.

Live video M/F Ærøsund (Syddansk Universitet)

Horseback riding

There are many beautiful places to go horse riding in the South Funen Archipelago, for example along beaches and lakes, over hills and in forests. There are also many private forests, estates and land areas, so before you start riding there you should always make sure that it’s OK with the owner. You may also need to buy a riding licence for certain forests or bridle paths.

In Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality you’ll find the 75-kilometre-long South Funen riding path established especially for horse riders, where a network of “hay hotels” can provide you and your horse with accommodation, stables, luggage transport, and information about the nearest blacksmith if your horse should happen to lose a shoe. If you download the Outdoor Guide to the South Funen Archipelago app, you’ll always have an up-to-date overview of the routes.

Riderute Sydfyn
Ridning Tåsinge
Ridning Langeland
Ridning Ærø


The South Funen Archipelago is a world-class area for sailing. It’s a unique sailing area with challenges and experiences for all types of sailors. Between the many islands, on shallow water, on the moving waters of the Sound, in the small quaint harbours, the atmospheric island ports or the larger market town harbours, the Archipelago offers countless experiences and great memories for all sailors.



Geopark Det Sydfynske Øhav

From 2019, the Archipelago is formally Geopark the South Funen Archipelago. The Unique geology in the area; the flooded iceage landscape, Cliffs, hat-shaped hills and further more, along with the fantastic nature and cultural heritage of the area provides a good starting point for becoming the third Geopark in Denmark. 2019 the Work of an application for UNESCO to be UNESCO Global Geopark is going on. Come and visit us!




One way to experience the delights of the South Funen Archipelago is through your taste buds. During your stay with us you can enjoy everything from farm shops where you can buy local ingredients to restaurants that have studied the culinary landscape of South Funen and the islands in depth and put regional delicacies on the menu.
You can also sign up for activities that involve cooking with ingredients from nature’s pantry. Prepare and taste an archipelago of ingredients and delicacies gathered directly from nature while you learn about the region’s various herbs and species.

Farm shops

In the South Funen Archipelago, the “farm to fork” principle is valued highly. So there are plenty of opportunities to buy fresh, quality ingredients by visiting the region’s many farm shops and the roadside fruit and vegetable stalls, which are a special feature of Funen and the surrounding islands. On some farms you can even shop straight from the barns.

In the farm shops you can find meat and produce from the farms’ own fields, barns, vegetable gardens, orchards or breweries, and you’ll be left in no doubt about the local pride that goes into their production.



The many restaurants scattered around the South Funen Archipelago’s idyllic landscape don’t compromise on quality. Many of them also highlight the regional delicacies on their menus and source their ingredients from here as far as possible: fresh fish, locally produced organic meat, vegetables, fruit and locally brewed beverages. A common feature of the gourmet restaurants in the archipelago is that their menus consist of food that’s bursting with quality, and many of them compose new menus daily using seasonal ingredients.

Beach safari and camp fire cooking

Take your family, friends or colleagues on a beach safari led by a nature guide and get a unique experience of what the South Funen Archipelago’s coasts, roadsides, etc. have to offer in the way of culinary experiences. You’ll have ample opportunities to savour nature in the form of bite-size delicacies and hearty meals while learning about the flora and fauna on land and in the sea. Along the way, you’ll also learn about how our seasonal dishes are influenced by the time of year and the weather. So join the safari and collect lovely ingredients from vegetable patches, trees, hedgerows and the sea, and cook them over the flames and embers with your guide.




During your stay in the South Funen Archipelago you can book an Archipelago Shelter and sleep comfortably in harmony with nature one night, relax in a warm, cosy camping hut the next night, and let yourself be pampered in a hotel the third night. In short, you’ll find a range of accommodation to meet your needs, whether you’re into fresh air or luxury – or a combination of the two.


If you want to tour the unique sights and natural attractions in the South Funen Archipelago and camp among them, you can easily find free or paid parking facilities. This way you can explore our many harbours, towns, castles, inns, attractions and natural areas up close. However, if you’d like a spot in one of the many camping areas on South Funen and the islands, please be aware of their seasonal opening dates.

Dansk Autocamper Forening


The many B&Bs in the South Funen Archipelago give you plenty of opportunities for a unique holiday. They offer different types of accommodation in towns, in the countryside, or near forests and beaches. They range from larger en-suite bed and breakfast places to single rooms in private homes. But their common feature is that they give you a great chance to learn about the area from local residents who are proud of their region and island. Some B&Bs also allow dogs or horse.



If you’re into the camping lifestyle and the community that often develops on a campsite, the South Funen Archipelago is an ideal place for you. Funen has the highest concentration of campsites in Denmark, and the South Funen Archipelago offers lots of opportunities to experience nature and the many sights that camping life makes available in your own “backyard”. Whether you prefer a small campsite with organic produce or a larger 4 or 5 star area, one of the main attractions is, of course, the unique sense of community you often build up with other campers.


Holiday homes

If you want to stay in a more private setting, there are plenty of opportunities to rent a holiday home or apartment in the South Funen Archipelago. That way you’ll feel at home on your holiday. A holiday home gives you all the things you need to make a home on your holiday and lets you decide your own schedule for meals, activities, etc. This accommodation option is ideal for families with children and active tourists who like to set their own pace.



The hotels in the South Funen Archipelago are a treat to stay in if you want to relax and sleep in a luxurious environment during your stay. They offer a variety of recreational options as well as restaurants where you can eat some or all of your meals.

The hotels are all centrally located in interesting cities and towns or in scenic areas on South Funen and the islands, near the archipelago’s sights and oases.


Shelters & natur campgrounds

In the South Funen Archipelago, you can stay overnight in an architecturally innovative concept: beautiful and functional archipelago shelters. In many of the area’s coastal and scenic sites, there are different types of shelters which were designed in collaboration with campers to make your outdoor experience complete. The archipelago shelters have been designed with their local surroundings in mind and are located on both private and public land. The shelters can also be found at tent campsites, where you can also put up tents if you are in a larger group.

Read more about the beautiful and practical shelters and book one on www.bookenshelter.dk.




Psst Locally

The South Funen Archipelago offers a spectacular cultural landscape, with market towns, country manors, quaint coastal towns and the island “skipper villages” (so called because they have traditionally been home to many sailors and captains). You are in the maritime heart of Denmark, where shipping is still an important part of regional life. In contrast to the cultivated landscape, you will also find some of Denmark’s most pristine and changeable natural environments, namely the many coastlines, lagoons and islets.
Throughout the Archipelago, there’s a sea of experiences based on the area’s natural environment, cultural heritage and history – which you can explore on your own or with a guide. Here you’ll find a wealth of impressive activities and experiences, such as learning about how the Archipelago was created by the last Ice Age. A few of the local activities are listed here, all of which are well worth trying out and will give you a fantastic experience of the Archipelago.

Kiss the Frog & Find the Tadpole

Kys Frøen (Kiss the Frog) and Find Haletudsen (Find the Tadpole) are the names of experience centres and stations in the South Funen Archipelago. They make no guarantees about finding your prince here, but they do present a variety of gems – and may even teach you some countryside magic!

Kiss the Frog and Find the Tadpole are new concepts for family attractions in Denmark. The intention is to give families with children access to entertaining and educational experiences in the countryside. Four Kiss the Frog centres and six Find the Tadpole stations invite you to play and learn.

There are 4 Kiss the Frog centres:
Skovsgaard Gods på Langeland
Søbygaard på Ærø
Trente Mølle ved Broby
Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter på Strynø

There are 6 Find the Tadpole centres:
Egebjerg Mølle Naturrum

Read more here

Nature room& Nature centre

In the South Funen Archipelago, work is being done to establish so-called stepping stones, where you can stock up on knowledge about the area’s natural environment and cultural heritage – and then go out and experience all or some of it on your own.

Egebjerg Mølle Naturrum, a mill that has been renovated and transformed into a modern learning centre where you can find out all about the archipelago’s geological history and local experiences. With its location 110 metres above sea level and its spectacular glass prism, the mill is a wonderful lighthouse and vantage point with a view of the Archipelago.

Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter, a nature centre on the island of Strynø off Langeland. Here you can learn about the island’s fascinating history and vibrant local community in the centre’s exhibition. And be inspired to go out on the shallow water and discover the birds, wildlife and island community in the South Funen Archipelago.

Read more about Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter here.

Egebjerg Mølle Naturrum (DK)

Archipelago Shelters

In the South Funen Archipelago, you can stay overnight in an architecturally innovative concept: beautiful and functional Archipelago Shelters. In many of the area’s coastal and scenic sites, there are different types of shelters which were designed in collaboration with campers to make your outdoor experience complete. The Archipelago shelters have been designed with their local surroundings in mind and are located on both private and public land. The shelters can also be found at tent campsites, where you can also put up tents if you are in a larger group.

Read more about the beautiful and practical shelters and book one here

Archipelago "hopping"

The islets of the South Funen Archipelago are beautiful places to spend short breaks or long holidays. They accept visitors all year round, and to help you experience them better there is now an island-hopping bus that lets you travel around between the islands, across municipal boundaries, throughout the summer.
You can board a ferry from Faaborg or Svendborg and hop from island to island until you come to another large harbour. The islands are ideal for getting close to nature. You can walk or cycle, go fishing or birdwatching, relax on the beach, visit galleries, museums and antiques dealers, and more.

You can book your trip here